Jett Hayes


A comprehensive overview of how we’ll improve your operations. 

Project Management

Communication is very important to me, especially when establishing new relationships. As you read through this page, you'll find brief, but detailed, descriptions of how I work with brands - this is how I like to present information throughout my marketing efforts. I value prompt, straightforward communication in all my endeavors - expect nothing less when working with me.

Looking for a strong communicator to lead your team? Look no further.

Content Calendars are the bread and butter of a campaign management team, no matter the size or goal. When starting, or taking over, any digital endeavor, this is where I begin. It allows for smooth communication, consolidation of data, and ease of display – all important qualities for scaling any endeavor.

Does your business struggle to consistently post social media, email newsletters, or blogs? Let's change that.

I believe that planning and proper preparation are key metrics to success in all aspects of life and business – it's one of the reasons I enjoy strategy. When I start with a new client, my goal is to be one month ahead of all campaigns; this allows for the most freedom and flexibility of operations, and has greatly helped my clients manage in unforseen times.


Is your marketing always done last minute? Are you always trying to find that one file so you can get it sent somewhere so it can be approved so it can be sent back so you can get it to... sounds Exhausting - it doesn't have to be like that.

Cost per Click ads are the text-based ads you see at the top of your search engine results page (SERP). These ads are excellent when offering a specific good, brand, or service. I like these ads when doing marketing for products, brick and mortar locations, and goods/services. When planning CPC ads, a comprehensive understanding of your customers, business, and industry are crucial – proper keyword usage can save thousands of dollars, and result in exceptional ROI.

Is your business ready for CPC Ads? Let's talk about it.

A picture tells a thousand words, right? Display ads work on the Google display network, and show on a variety of different sites. These ads are some of my favorite, as you can target with surgical precision, and appeal to your customer's specific needs. This type of ad is wide ranging in its use - but requires an in-depth understanding of the business's relationship with it's customers.

See how well display ads can work for you.

Video ads are very specific tools. When used properly, they can yield tremendous results; but I think they are often overused. It’s a difficult medium to master – and more intensive in creation than other ads, but has the potential to be lucrative, with the right good/service, the right industry, and most importantly the right time in the customer journey.


I think my business needs Video Ads.

Social Ads

Instagram and Facebook are the gold standard for almost all social media ad platforms. They have excellent targeting, lots of options, and large user bases. I believe most industries can profit from ads on this medium (although your targeting needs to be a lot finer than some marketers use).


Learn how your company can take advantage of Meta ads.

Another great social platform – although often misunderstood. This medium benefits from a very engaged user base (sometimes to the detriment of companies). Successful Twitter ads follow the customer journey and their overall audience demographics closely. Unsuccessful Twitter ads are ignored or mocked.


Connect with your audience on Twitter.

A new, booming social platform – if anyone tells you they’ve got it figured out they’re lying. It’s a young, hip, and fast-moving platform, and not suited to traditional suit-and-tie businesses. But, with a combination of well-placed video and influencer campaigns, you can find exceptional success on Tik Tok (Just don’t expect it to last forever).


Let's market your brand on TikTok. 

The networking paradise, Linkedin. Who would’ve thought it would grow to be a career defining platform for so many? This advertising medium is not for everyone – but businesses focused on Tech, BTB, SAAS, and similar industries flourish in this environment – especially since many companies undervalue it’s worth.


Can your business profit from Linkedin ads? Let's talk about it. 

Content Marketing

An important part of a successful digital presence, many companies forsake social media as a valuable source of leads. If implemented correctly, a well-run stable of social media can act as an invaluable connection to your audience – a relationship that benefits both parties.


Curate your brand on social media.

A key to any good SEO strategy, blogs are also excellent for bringing in leads, building a community, answering customer questions, and providing the backbone to other content marketing. While not all companies need a blog, many can find benefit from one.


Attract in-market prospects to your website.

A medium that's seen significant growth in the last 5 years, podcasts are great ways to engage with and market to your audience. I can help your business grow with podcasts by scheduling, researching, setting discussion points, finding guests, and marketing your podcast - but a good host and an established audience are crucial. 


Expand your podcast efforts.

Digital Marketing

An important part of any website strategy, having a highly ranked search engine page is essential for getting organic traffic to your webpages. This is done by optimizing your pages internal and external structure, crafting very specific copy - and giving value to your users. This process is slow, but very worthwhile. 


I want to rank higher than my competitors on Google.

Automation is essential to any organization looking to scale operations. The less that your decision makers need to be involved at any one stage of the sales funnel, the more clients you can handle and the more service you can provide, using the same internal resources.


Are you tired of manually managing your customers? Let's fix that.

Audits of existing content are essential to improving their performance. Every platform we use has endless amounts of data for our use - proper audits allow for continued optimization and streamlining of operations. 


Audit one of my channels.

Business Optimization

Understanding your customers is crucial to planning and running your services - otherwise you're driving blindfolded, hoping you're going in the right direction. A customer journey is an understanding of every possible interaction your business can have with your customers - and how that will affect them. When utilized correctly, this map allows for precise control over your brand's appearance to its audience.


Are you wasting your advertising budget? Learn more about your customers now.

These are scaled down versions of the customer journey. While they can be split in a multitude of ways, they are typically divided into:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Conversion

A conversion funnel allows you to know how your business relates to your customers, how those customer's interactions signal what they need from your business, and how to properly message them. Set up yours today.

You ever look at a new vehicle, then for the next few days all of your ads are that same company? Retargeting is the process of marketing to customers who are already aware of you. A simple concept, but requires a more subtle approach than traditional marketing. 


Establish a remarketing campaign today.

Actionable Insights

Did you start your business because you thought it was the best, most profitable business and peak use of your time? Or did you seize an opportunity, your own skills, or a personal dream?

Often, small businesses are founded based on the founders personal skills - meaning they are established without much (or any) research. Proper industry research on your region, competitors, regulations, industry, and audience are extremely important when making some of the most fundamental decisions of running or establishing a business.

Do your competitors have information you don't? Why play with a handicap? Get research about your industry today. 

Whether it's my own campaigns, or previous ones you've done, running them isn't the complete picture - we want to know how they performed, why they performed like that, and how we can replicate, avoid, or improve upon it. 


Learn how to improve your campaigns.

Sometimes, life just feels like endless spreadsheets. And yet, we keep them around - as that data is valuable when understood correctly. I can import, clean, and interpret data from any medium you'd like - finding you actionable insights for your day to day operations. 


Do you need Data Analytics? Stare at spreadsheets no longer.