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Full Audit + Marketing Strategy

Educate. Radiate. Elevate.

Educate. Radiate. Elevate. (ERE) is a 501(c)3 non-profit operating in Texas and Ohio. It serves underprivileged and at-risk students, K-12, by providing tutoring, mentorship, and other resources.


Founded in late 2020, E.R.E. is a newer non-profit trying to gain inertia. Brand awareness is a huge concern for an up-and-coming nonprofit. E.R.E. also needs volunteers and donations to fuel its efforts, which it hopes to get through a variety of digital means. 


E.R.E. relies on volunteers and donations for internal efforts,  but it’s primary service is provided by skilled labor. As a former educator and the owner of a for-profit tutoring service, E.R.E.’s founder values skilled educators. Most of their tutors are paid – which requires steady capital. Another area in need of funding is technology – as a remote service, E.R.E. has to provide students with a laptop/tablet to facilitate learning.

Getting Started


Limited Budget

E.R.E. needed improvements, but didn't have the budget to hire specialists, like Web designers, Social Media Managers, or Blog Copywriters.

Improvements needed to be low-budget and attainable.

Labor Skillset

E.R.E's internal employees were primarily young interns, with limited experience.

Suggestions and feedback, as well as standards moving forward, needed to be simple to understand and implement, as well as easy to teach.


To start, we needed to establish a recurrent plan and strategy for the four social media pages. I created an overview of the platforms that they used – What they were, the roles they play for businesses, and how best to take advantage of them.

The type and style of content E.R.E. produces is very important – it needs to be engaging, informative, and valuable – which is difficult for a non-profit. Social media, at it’s core, rewards engaging & enjoyable content, which is difficult for a business that produces little media.

We decided to focus content on a few topics to provide value to followers: Industry news, Relevant Events, E.R.E. News, Education, Holidays, and Blog Content. These content buckets provide a framework for creating and evaluating content for a less experienced team to work with.

E.R.E.’s blog is very important to the success of their digital presence. Creating engaging content brings people to the website, allows authority to be established, and encourages backlinking/social sharing.


E.R.E.’s existing blog wasn’t bringing in their desired results for several reasons, which I identified and addressed.


First, they lacked any keyword strategy. From reading the blogs, you couldn’t tell anything about the brand, it’s intent, needs or location. I created a keyword document, as well as demonstrated the concept of creating keywords for a piece, to rectify this. Similarly, the blog pages lacked any CTA’s – there was not even a mention of E.R.E. as a company, the projects it was working on, it’s goals, or the need for donations; it was disconnected from its content. I created a template ‘needs paragraph’ based on one of their blogs and discussed with their team the rationale, and the process for creating one.


Next, formatting. E.R.E.’s blogs were massive walls of text, without punctuation, images, links, or other breaks. We implemented this change to improve readability and engagement. And finally, page linking. Their blogs were all orphan pages, with no links to other blogs, CTA’s, or other flow. We implemented ‘Next Blogs’ and other buttons to improve site engagement, page views, and user experience.

This was an area of large improvement that is ongoing to this date. Due to budget restrictions, E.R.E. doesn’t currently have a web developer / designer, and as it’s website can be unintuitive and unpolished.

We were able to make some changes:

Web pages are there for a reason, and sometimes we forget that while getting lost in the creation of them. E.R.E.’s site benefitted greatly from a rundown of the purpose of the pages – “Why do we have this page, what does it do for our user?” We were able to trim a lot of extraneous content, streamline the flow of information, and create stronger CTA’s.

Image Quality: Many of the Sites pages had low resolution, blurry images, without descriptions or alt text. This was, for the most part, fixed. 

Backlinks: E.R.E. was aware of backlinks, but having difficulty obtaining them. We strategized and implemented several methods to improve this. I also outlined several new potential avenues for obtaining them. 

Navigation and User interface: This goes hand in hand with my concerns about design – I think that a well polished website is a huge indicator (in the users mind) of a pages authority and authenticity. We discussed the navigation and UI of the website in great detail: changes are still in progress.

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