Jett Hayes


Below you will a list of polished, completed projects. These range from creative work to strategy, from independent to group efforts.

This page will continue to be updated as more works are deemed ‘portfolio-worthy’.



Logo, Marketing Strategy, Design

I’ve always been a big fan of physical media – from video games to books, there’s just a more human feel to feeling it in your hands – so I was very excited to work with Craniograph on their branding. They wanted their rebellious, old-school vibes on display, so I incorporated a ‘Jolly-rogers’ style skull with chunky, oldschool headphones – and we love how it turned out. 

Since we’d drawn inspiration from pirate imagery, I suggested a flag as both a storefront sign and a in-store merch item. It’s a bold, unique piece that’s  true to brand – and an instant hit. 

Unde Drones

New Product Launch Promo

Drones are so appealing – as both a photography nerd and a man who grew up with RC toys, drones speak to me on so many levels. I was super excited to work with Unde on the teaser imagery for an upcoming product. 

Unde had a few requests for these shots – highlight the new features, show off the redesigned chassis, and instill excitement. For the left display, I took a high angle shot of the ocean, mirroring the complexity of the roiling surf to the promo text. Paired with the top text, this jumps out at the viewer- too big to be contained by a simple poster. I really like the minimalism of the text, logo, and branding by the surf – it leans to adventures waiting, excitement undiscovered. 

For the right poster, we unfortunately had very few shots of an operational model (as it was still in prototype phase). I took the shot above as it was the clearest of clutter – this poster isn’t about selling the specs. It was about remembering the name; nothing else. 


Pop-up advertisement

This poster was designed for the popup promo of Sío fashion. Their clothing was iconic, bold, and minimalist, so this poster needed to be too. We took an image from a recent shoot, and stripped the background, color, and emotion from it – leaving a blank slate for branding and info. I think this piece came together really nicely – it’s defiant and timeless, without trying too hard to be. 

Box Street Business Card Mockup-min

Box Street All Day

Business Cards

This local restaurant is a part of a San Antonio food family – they started as a friendly get together, and grew from food truck, to catering, to a beautiful downtown location, which opened in 2022. 

For these cards, we wanted something that was both useful and beautiful. In the first few months of opening, the menu changed often, and it was much more efficient to have QR codes linked to a dynamic online menu, rather than constantly changing physical copies. These cards kept that in mind; they incorporated the menu links without overpowering the imagery. They were designed to be logo up on the table, so they could be functional but unobtrusive. These cards are meek and unobtrusive – a perfect amenity.


All finished?