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If you’re here, you just want to know one thing: how in the heck do you center your embedded shopify link?

Here's where I was stuck:

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“Why is my shopify product stuck to the left?”

For the life of me, I couldn’t figure it out. 

I tried elementor codes, every option I could find in Divi, and even tooled with some css, but I still couldn’t figure it out… how do you center an embedded shopify product?

You're going to laugh at how easy it is...

Centering this embedded product is painfully simple:

Here’s what the code looked like in the Divi builder. What do you have to do to center it?

Just add this code, inside the <div > tag on line 1: 

style=”margin: auto;”
That’s really it. Here’s two things I’d recommend before adding it:
  1. Save before you mess with the code (in case it bricks it)
  2. Make sure you aren’t in the middle of any other elements (any of the colored text in the above image, make sure it’s in it’s own space)
Here’s what mine looked like:

Final Results

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