Jett Hayes

Linktree and friends: A missed opportunity

Jett Hayes

Due to character limits in social posts, bios, emails, and the like, prebuilt landing pages like Linktree have been on the rise. While a great concept in some applications, I think they’re a missed opportunity for most businesses.

What is a
'Link tree'?

Ah, the Instagram Bio. 150 fully customizable characters of above-the-fold goodness; the first thing your customers see when they view your instagram. A perfect place to put the most important pieces of your business’s info. 

But what to put? With a sub 200 character limit, space runs out quick. How much info can you fit about your brand, it’s products, message, and more?

How about links? Do you put your home page, and hope your customers have the patience to look for whatever caught their eye? Maybe you keep updating it, have your most recent post as the bio link. What if your ecommerce site is on a different site? 

It gets complicated fast. 

This is where ‘Link in Bio’ Websites come in. These services provide pre-built, hyper-mobile-friendly pages to hold the basic navigation links, from current sales to contact forms. 

They have varying degrees of customization as well; some just colors and link styles, others images, gifs, and widget movements. I remember the first time I saw one in action, being impressed by the convenience. 

So why not?

Seems pretty great right? A mobile friendly, easy to use site that benefits consumers. What could be the issue with that?



If you lack a website

Let’s discuss why that’s an important distinction:

Ease of Use

Websites are the center of the classic Hub and Spoke marketing style. Whether your goal is to push conversions, page traffic, or site authority, the end goal is the same: get traffic to the site.


By using a link service, you are taking traffic that could’ve been going to your site. You are adding a barrier between your customers and where you want them to be doing.

Web Authority

Authority is the name of the game in many aspects of digital marketing. Ad placement, SERP scores, backlink value, ad revenue, and more are all affected by the authority search engines believe you have on the subject. While this subject is complex enough for many blogs, for this it’s simple enough to note:


Web authority can be built through links from other sites, customers valuing the site (visiting, spending time, and returning), and relevant content.


Using another companies link service, and adding that link to your media, can them additional authority while removing time customers spend on your site. 


Search engines (SE’s) are companies; they have owners, shareholders, and are working to grow and profit. They do this by providing value to their users – Search engine ranking is the process of rating and listing content as the most to least relevant for their user, so they can provide  the most value.


This value is found by many different factors (200+), but there are some with far more weight than others. The amount of time consumers spend on your site, the amount they engage with it, and the number of pages they view are HUGE indicators of value; using link trees takes away from these metrics.

What do I use then?

Your own website! Not only is it free, better for your business, and more seamless for your customer, it’s also far more customizable! Here’s two that I created in less than 10 minutes: 

Jett Hayes

Digital Marketing Specialist

Little Leaf  Coffeehaus

Coffee, Smoothies, and Specialty Tea




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These two were simple, brand focused, and took minutes. No matter your hosting service, they could be implemented in under an hour with minimal effort. 

Worried about other gaps in your online presence?